Semi Permanent Make-up

Semi Permanent make up eyebrows, such as Microblading and Powder Brows , Winged Eyeliner, Eyelash enhancement  or Lip Blush can give you a made-up look straight out of bed, which is highly appealing to many people who are pushed for time to get ready each day.
Tattoo eyeliner never looks smudged, eyebrow tattoos always have the perfect shape and lip pigmentation can save a fortune on those expensive lipsticks we all have in our drawers. It’s easy to realise the appeal of these types of Understanding what semi permanent makeup is and how it works is key to ensuring you get the results you need.
Semi PMU are not the same as traditional tattoos. They use semi permanent inks which are tested to be non-allergenic, and the pigment is inserted much higher up into the epidermis layer of the skin. 
This creates a much more natural looking result which fades gradually over time, rather than discolouring as regular tattoos are apt to do.
The procedure is performed by Olha Bodnar, who is a qualified master of semi permanent makeup in Ukraine and Great Britain.
Consultation & Patch tests are required 48 hours prior to treatment for:
Microblading – Semi PMU
Powder Brows – Semi PMU
Eyeliner tattoo
Lip Blush – Semi PMU
Henna Eyebrows
Eyebrows/Eyelashes Tinting/Lifting
This service is available for everyone over the age of 18.

Consultation Patch Test
10 Mins
Lip Blush
Lip Blush (also known as Lip Tattoo or Permanent Lipstick) is a professional cosmetic and aesthetic procedure that uses a machine similar to a tattoo machine to implant colour pigment (of the client’s choice) into the dermis of the lips, resulting in fuller and more defined looking lips.
How permanent is it?
Lip blushing is considered a semipermanent procedure to help achieve more toned and shapely lips.
Frequent lip exfoliation, sun exposure, and smoking can all make the pigment fade quicker.

Lip Blush - Initial Treatment
120 Mins

Lip Blush Top Up
(4-9 weeks after Initial Treatment)
105 Mins
Eyelash Enhancement
Eyelash enhancement is a very subtle tattoo application and it can be done in two different ways – as either a thin line that does not leave the lash area or as a dot next to each eyelash. This makes your eyelashes look longer and thicker.

Eyelash Enhancement
Initial Treatment
75 mins

Eyelash Enhancement - Top up
(4-9 Weeks from Initial Treatment)
60 mins
Winged Eyeliner
What is Eyeliner Tattoo, Winged Eyeliner?
Eyeliner tattoo is a form of cosmetic tattooing, often referred to as semi-permanent makeup, that is done by a trained technician.

The pigment used is very different from body tattooing ink and is only deposited on the first layer of skin. The colour is designed to fade over time, hence the term ‘semi-permanent’. This allows for face changes, ageing and trends.

The tattoo is applied to the lash line, and can be applied as a fine, thin, or medium to thick eye-liner style.
Benefits of Eyeliner Tattoo
There are many benefits to eyeliner tattooing, including:
• It’s smudge-proof and waterproof
• It accentuates your eye shape and colour without the need for traditional makeup eyeliner.
• You don’t need to apply eyeliner every day!

Winged Eyeliner - Initial Treatment
105 mins

Winged Eyeliner Top-up
(4-9 Weeks after Initial Treatment)
75 mins
What are the cons of microblading?
• This technique is slightly more painful and unpleasant than other PMU methods
• It’s also a little more invasive, so you are more likely to bleed during the process and experience some initial irritation
• This method comes with a slightly higher risk of scarring
• It is not recommended to all skin types – it’s far less effective on oily and combination skin
• It’s not as long-lasting – you’ll need touch-ups every 8-12 months.

Microblading - Initial Treatment
105 Mins

Microblading Top up
(4-9 Weeks From Initial Treatment)
90 Mins
Powder Brows
Powder brows or ombre brows.
What the pros of this technique is?
• You are able to achieve a much more intense, defined arch.
• You can change the shape of your brows.
• It’s more comfortable than microblading, as it creates less trauma to the skin
• It’s not as invasive, so it comes with less initial irritation, bleeding and puffiness.
• It provides a much smaller risk for scaring.
• It can be performed on any skin type, including combination and oily
• It lasts much longer than microblading.
How long do powder brows last?
You can expect much better longevity from this method. When looked after correctly, ombre eyebrows can easily last up to 2-3 years, with some enjoying their arches up to a 5-year mark. After the initial process and mandatory touch-up a month after, you’ll probably need to see your PMU artist again about 18 months later.

Powder Brows - Initial Treatment
105 Mins

Powder Brows
(4-9 Weeks From Initial Treatment)
90 Mins