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Jojo X

Pro Divine RF DMA Treatments


Treatment effect creates the optimal conditions for:
Collagen regeneration
Auto production of Hyaluronic acid
Elastin growth
✔️ Non-Surgical
✔️Facial Skin Tightening
✔️Stimulated fibroblast activity
✔️Instant and visible results achieved
✔️Clinically proven
✔️Medical platform
✔️Enhanced blood circulation and oxygenation
✔️Enhanced lymphatic drainage
✔️Pain – minimal to none
✔️Clinically proven long-lasting result
What is Radio Frequency (RF)
• RF has been used safely and effectively in medical settings for over 75 years
• Over the past decade, RF has become the Gold Standard technology in aesthetic medicine
• RF has been clinically proven to be the most effective non invasive skin tightening treatment
• RF is painless without the need for post- op downtime that occurs with surgery
• In aesthetic medicine, RF technology has been used for:
Skin tightening & Wrinkles treatment reduction
Fat and cellulite reduction
• RF current penetrates into the skin heating up the tissues
• RF heat penetrates to the dermal layer and hypo dermal layers of the skin
• The production of new collagen and elastin will reduce the appearance of the lines and loose, lax skin helping to remodel the skin surface.
DMA-Dynamic Muscle Activation on Facial Muscles
• DMA compliments the TriPollar RF effect by activating the underlying muscle.
• DMA would only be preformed on the lower part of the face.
As performing DMA on other areas may result in the muscles contracting and pulling the face down causing the opposite effect of a lifted, more contoured appearance.
• DMA also cannot be performed on the neck area as it can cut blood flow to the brain.
• DMA activates facial muscles resulting in lifting and toning of the SMAS layer for a facelift effect.

Pro Divine Facial RF DMA



60 mins

Pro Divine Facial
(Course 6 Treatments)


6 x 60 mins

Pro Divine Facial Mini



35 mins

Pro Divine First Maintenance
60 mins

Teenage Pure Facial
45 mins